Kunci Gitar Follow me around by Radiohead Chord

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Chord Follow me around by Radiohead

Follow me around adalah sebuah karya musikal dari penyanyi terkenal Radiohead.


Tabbed by: Hugh Nettar

Of course, it is not exactly how Thom Yorke plays it, but rather my interpretation
of it from watching the video. Thom's genius makes this piece fly despite using
only two chords, D and G.
They are basically as follows (PLEASE NOTE the dropped D tuning):

                  D major                                         G major

D A D G B d                                     D A D G B d
O-O-O-----O                                     ----0-0-0-0| | | | | |                                     | | | | | |
| | | O | |                                     | | | | | |
| | | | O |                                     | | | | | |
| | | | | |                                     | | | | | |
| | | | | |                                     O O | | | |


d|--0---------------------0---------------0--|B|--3---------------------3---------------3--|   etc. until verseG|--2--strum--------------2---------------2--|D|--0---------------------0---------------0--|A|--0---------------------0---------------0--|D|--0----------0-3-0-2--0------0-3-0-2--0----|


The MPIE video version has Thom basically playing around this, picking a bit here and there.
But this should give you the rough idea. Not bad for my first tablature, huh? Anyway, here
are the lyrics, also available from Injektilo* at:

I see you in the dark
Falling down the fast lane
Calling out to me
Oh that's where I'll be
Crawling out to me
Crawling out to me

You follow me around
You follow me around
You follow me around
You follow me around

And I'm coming down
Maybe I'll take you for a walk
Then I can see you
I'm feeling it coming down

You follow me around
You follow me around
You follow me around
You follow me around
I feel it
I feel it


Follow me around

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