Kunci Gitar Gorgeous by Alanis Morissette Chord

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Chord Gorgeous

Gorgeous adalah sebuah karya musikal dari penyanyi terkenal Alanis Morissette.

E               A
Testosterone in large amounts
     E                       A
your little sister got kicked out of
God, you can't shave your head come to the
C              G
show the boys, they rock harder
E                        A
your mother lent you her slip she lent you
her bright red lipstck
A          Dm
and your shoes are hurting your back
              C               F
but boy don't you look gorgeous?

E             A
You look gorgeous
E             A
you look gorgeous
Em     C
               E      A
you're looking gorgeous

E               A
This is but an observation
E               A
you put a bullet in your foot you make
Dm                        C
it hard for us bitches in consequential
in your back bends and your
E                   A           E
taste in men leaves something to be desired
A                  Dm
you love them to be aloof and self obssessed
they love you
   C             F
in your mini dress
You're looking

E      A
E        A
You look gorgeous
               Em     C
You're looking gorgeous
               E      A
You're looking gorgeous

E, A, Dm, C, G

E                  A             E
When your voice is raised above a certain level
A                 Dm
I'm afraid we must go to the ladies room
C                           F
I left your competence in curlers
You look

E      A
         E     A
You look gorgeous
               E      A
You're looking gorgeous
             E      A
How you look gorgeous

E   A   E   A   Dm   C    E    A    E    A    E
La, la, ri, ra...

end in E



Kunci gitar lagu Gorgeous diatas sudah dimodifikasi dengan chord yg lebih mudah.