Kunci Gitar Helter skelter by Oasis Chord

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Chord Helter skelter

Helter skelter adalah sebuah karya musikal dari Band Rock n roll terkenal Oasis.

Heres an great song performed by Oasis on their latest album familiar to
millions. Was originally made by the beatles.
This tab is made by Pal Henrik, Thanks to Asbjorn Olsen.

Chords used:PS: The E string MUST be tuned down to D or else it sounds like
crap.+ sound better if you use powerchords.

D  x50560
G    320001
Bb    x133xx
F     133xxx
D     x577xx
G     320003

Verse1: D,G,Bb,F,D


Verse2:Play D to you come to Bridge TEll me tell come on tell me the answer
that part is played with: F,G,D

Chorus:same as last

Verse3:play verse 1 again.

Then comes guitar solo which i havent figured out yet!!Sorry

Ps: NO RADISH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!( my own band )

Riff in chorus parts:play it fast.



Helter skelter

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