Kunci Gitar Here we go again by James Blunt Chord

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Chord Here we go again

Here we go again adalah sebuah karya musikal dari penyanyi terkenal James Blunt.

CAPO 5th 
Am     Em   Am       Em 
I have been rejected before 
Am             Em                   Am                  Em 
Trying to get another woman to come in through that door 
          Am           Em                            Am 
She said, i like it here, but you're not going to score 
Am               Em                 Am         Em 
i'm not going to let you sleep with me anymore 
      Am          Em 
whoa  and here we go again 
   C              E 
im starting on my own  
thats basically it it follows the same pattern


Here we go again

Kunci gitar laguĀ Here we go again diatas sudah dimodifikasi dengan chord yg lebih mudah.