Kunci Gitar I can’t live with you by Queen Chord

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Chord I can’t live with you

I can’t live with you adalah sebuah karya musikal dari Band Rock and roll terkenal Queen.

Standard tuning (EADGBE)

Notes:                 Chord formations:
/ - slide up           E    (079997)
 - slide down         A    (x02220) or (577655)
h - hammer-on          Am   (x02210) or (577555)
p - pull-off           B    (x24442) or (799877)
b - bend string        C    (x35553)
r - release            G    (355433)
~ - vibrato            D    (x57775)
                       F#m (244252)
Riff 1 (in chorus)
E|-----------------------------|B|--9-9--9--9--9--(2)---------|G|--9-9--9--9--9--(2)---------| (I can't live with you...)D|--9-9--9--9--9--(2)---------|A|--7-7--7--7--7--(0)---------|E|-----------------------------|
Riff 2 (in verse)
E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------| (I'm having a hard time...)D|----4----2/3/4----2/3/4------|A|----4----2/3/4----2/3/4------|E|----2----0/1/2----0/1/2------|
Riff 3 (in verse)
E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------| (You may think that I don't care...)D|-----------------------------|A|---1-/2-/3-/4---7p4----------|E|---------------------4-------|
Riff 4 (in verse)
E|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-6-----------------------------------------| (I travelled a long...)D|-7---7--7----5/6/7---7--7----5/6/7---7--7--|A|-7---7--7----5/6/7---7--7----5/6/7---7--7--|E|-5-----------3/4/5-----------3/4/5---------|
Riff 5 (in verse)
E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------| (But nothing's what it seems...)D|----------------------7------|A|--/4-/5-/6-/7---10p7--7------|E|-----------------------------|
And so the song goes like this:

[INTRO] at 0:01
Riff 1  (2x)

[CHORUS] at 0:06
Riff 1    A     B
Riff 1    A     B
D    A
Riff 1  (2x)

[VERSE 1] at 0:26
Riff 2
Riff 3
Riff 4
Riff 5

[PRe|-CHORUS] at 0:47
 C - G  C - G  C - G  D    (2x)
Love is say-ing  ba-by...
C - G  C  -  G  C - G  D - A  D - A  D - A
Lo-ver  turns to  ha-ter...

[CHORUS] at 01:03
(Riff 1 1x at the end!)

[VERSE 2] at 01:21
(Same as VERSE 1)

[PRe|-CHORUS] at 01:42
C - G  C - G  C - G  D       (2x)
Hold on baby...
 C - G   C  -  G  C - G  D A  D A  D A  B
Passions screaming  hotter...            ...gotta   do...

[BRIDGE] at 2:03 (I'm not sure about this part...)
E    A
Am   G
B    A    F#m   B

[SOLO] at 2:18
 E    A   B    E                 A         B
    E                     A             B
    E           D          G          B
[CHORUS] at 2:39
(this guitar part at 2:50)
     D                 A
E|---------------------/9---/10--/11--/12--15b16----|B|---/7--/9--/10--/12--/10--/12--/13--/14--16b17----|G|---/7--/9--/11--/13-------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|(I think it's actually played by two guitars, one starting from
the G string going to the B, the other is from B to E...)

[CHORUS] at 2:50

[OUTRO] at 3:15
Riff 1  A   B  to fade


I can’t live with you

Kunci gitar laguĀ I can’t live with you diatas sudah dimodifikasi dengan chord yg lebih mudah.