Kunci Gitar Lolita by Prince Chord

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Chord Lolita by Prince

Lolita adalah sebuah karya musikal dari penyanyi terkenal Prince.

from "3121” (2006)

KB riff 1 (transcribed for guitar)
     A          G           D
KB riff 2 (transcribed for guitar)
     C         Bb   Am
Verse 1
Riff 1
You’re a VIP at least to me
Come here and show me some ID
Eye know U're fine from head 2 pumps
If U were mine we'd bump bump bump
Riff 2
U're much 2 young 2 peep my stash
U're tryin' 2 write checks Ur body can't cash

Funky guitar lick
U can’t hang with this, girl

   D (xx9777)

E (x77777)
                But you’ll never make a cheater outta me

Verse 2 (same as verse 1)
Cool 2gether, yes, eye must admit
Long time ago, we'd be the shh... uh oh
Like Frank and Ava, we'd paint the town
Just on the floor, gettin' way down
Dom Perignon and caviar
The finest clothes and fancy cars

U know, one of them '56 pink caddies, baby!

Keyboard solo riff
(Same as verses)
Ur eyes Ur mouth
Ur curly hair
U're bad no doubt
But eye must beware
You get a brother in trouble girl

"Fellas, how bad is this girl…etc”
- Riff 1 and 2

Imagine me on the tip tip of your tongue…etc”
-       same as Chorus

NOTE: There is some more to this song such as some keyboard riffs here and there which I 
tab later.
Transcribed by FunknFresh



Kunci gitar lagu Lolita diatas sudah dimodifikasi dengan chord yg lebih mudah.