Kunci Gitar Need you now by Hanson Chord

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Chord Need you now by Hanson

Need you now adalah sebuah karya musikal dari penyanyi terkenal Hanson.

I. Hanson / T. Hanson / Z. Hanson

[Intro:] E A

E           A                   E
Deep brown eyes watch me as I sleep
           A                    G#m
Long dark hair that washes over me
              F#m     G#m
Like a ray of sunlight
                   F#m                  E A E A B A
That warms me as I wake cos I need you now

                 A           E
Nothing ever goes the right way
                  E       A
Got to live life day by day
Hearts will bind you
                         E            E
There to remind you of where you stand

A freckled nose, nudge me as I sleep
A heart of gold that holds me as I dream
Tucked away in silence
Wake me when you come cos I need you now
I need you now

     G#m           F#m
I'll never see you home
     G#m            F#m
Cos then I'd sleep alone
     G#m          F#m
Each morning as I wake
                    B                E A
The sun is always brighter when you stay


Need you now

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